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Employment Law Posts

The “Employee Free Choice Act” and Your Business

Posted March 29, 2009

Years of effort by organized labor have culminated in the introduction of the “Employee Free Choice Act” (the “EFCA”) in both the House and the Senate on March 10, 2009. If the EFCA becomes law, it will result in some of the most substantial changes in decades to the laws regarding business/labor relations. As introduced, […]

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Employer Obligations for Payment of Transportation Expenses for Nonimmigrant Agricultural Workers

Posted February 29, 2008

A significant number of employers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and elsewhere depend upon lawful, nonimmigrant aliens in their workforce. These employees are authorized to enter the United States under nonimmigrant visas. The “H2B program” allows employers to petition the Department of Labor to employ agricultural workers, which includes workers in the landscaping sector, for periods of […]

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Amendments to Family and Medical Leave Act Demand Contribution by Employers to War Effort

Posted February 4, 2008

President Bush has signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which amends the Family and Medical Leave Act to add provisions relating to service members and their families. This Act was vetoed twice previously due to its attachment to bills with other provisions the President did not favor. Employers are required to accept the burden of […]

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